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Alan Simpson is a former RUC officer. At the end of his career in the force, he was a detective superintendent and deputy head of CID for Belfast.[1]

Finucane Investigation

Simpson headed the murder inquiry into the killing of solicitor Pat Finucane. He said in 2002 that he had not been told that an RUC Special Branch informer was involved in the killing, and that if he had been aware of this, he could almost certainly have secured a conviction.[2]

In a book due to published in April 2009, Simpson said he was warned not to investigate the case too closely:

In his book Duplicity And Deception, to be published this week, he recalls that a few days after the murder he was visited by Wilfred Monahan, the then RUC Assistant Chief Constable.
After watching a video of the crime scene, Mr Monahan, who has since died, said : “Alan, if I were you I wouldn’t get too deeply involved in this one.” The remark stunned Mr Simpson as he was at the start of one of the most sensitive murder cases in Ulster’s bloody history.[3]


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