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Adler Reuven is one of the principal political public relations experts who advise the main politicians in Israel. Haaretz reports:

At the start of the election campaign for the current Knesset, in January 2006, advertising guru Reuven Adler appeared before the graduates of the Recanati business school at Tel Aviv University and shared his experiences as a strategic adviser. He told them, for example, that he played an important role in Ariel Sharon's decision to leave Likud and set up Kadima, and praised Sharon for precisely following his public relations advisers, describing this behavior as "candidate discipline." Four months later, at the end of the election when Ehud Olmert was elected prime minister, Channel 10 ran a documentary by Anat Goren, "All the Campaign's Men." Adler and his colleagues appeared as power hungry, full of themselves, and believing that the politicians they promote would dance to their tune.[1]

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