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Academy of Ideas Ltd operates the Institute of Ideas, which is associated with the libertarian LM network. [1]

In his statement announcing the closure of LM magazine in spring 2000, LM editor Mick Hume promised that “The LM-initiated Institute of Ideas, a series of events planned to take place from June to July, will go ahead in partnership with major institutions in London, including the British Library, the Royal Institution, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal Society of Arts, Tate Modern, and the Union Chapel Project. A new company, the Academy of Ideas, has been set up by Claire Fox to coordinate these events.”

He also stated that “As for the post-LM future of magazine publishing, watch this space”. Mick Hume was the first editor of Spiked, launched shortly afterwards.

Academy of Ideas is a private company limited by shares with nine staff and an annual turnover of about £0.5m.[2]


According to the Academy of Ideas Annual Return (AR01) for the year ended 16/3/2010 from Companies House:





Academy of Ideas Ltd
Signet House
49-51 Farringdon Road
London, EC1M 3JP
Tel +44 (0)20 7269 9220
Fax (0)20 7269 9235


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