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The Donald & Paula Smith Family Foundation was founded in 2001.

'Donald Smith is a libertarian, but his wife, Paula, is a liberal. Their two daughters, both of whom sit on the foundation’s board, also sit on opposite sides of the political fence.'[1]

The foundation 'defends free speech and a free society through the critical examination of ideas, sponsoring debates and related activities in the New York area. In a world where philosophical arguments all too often take the form of partisan rancor and anti-intellectual appeals, the Foundation hopes to serve as a reminder that we are united by a deeper loyalty: to skeptical analysis, reason, and truth-seeking. The Foundation aims to foster informed debates that are both vigorous and civil, on topics ranging from economics to ethics, from politics to art, and beyond. Some debates will yield clear answers and some debates can never be settled, but the argumentative process itself can serve as a model of rational discourse in an often divided society."[2]


Contact details

The Donald & Paula Smith Family Foundation
152 West 57th Street, 22nd Floor
New York, NY10019
Phone: 646.452.9995

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