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William Guest Bollinger (born November 1955)[1] is a former hedge-fund manager reported to have a personal fortune of at least £75m in 2008.[2] He retired in 2005 as chief executive of Egerton Capital, which he co-founded in 1994.

Political donations

Bollinger contributed £510,000 to the Labour Party (2005, 2006)[3]


It was reported in March 2008 that Bollinger had left Britain for Geneva in anger over the Government's plans to tax non-domiciles, of which he was one.[4] The Government was proposing a new tax rule that would require non-doms who have lived in the UK for more than seven years to pay a £30,000 fee.

One source close to Bollinger said: 'He loves London and the UK but is angry, really upset about these moves which he thinks are making it impossible for people like him to live here any longer.' For Bollinger, apparently, it was not so much the financial penalties introduced by the Government but the way it has made overseas visitors and philanthropists feel unwelcome.


  • Egerton Capital - Bollinger set up this privately owned hedge fund in 1994 with John Armitage, who he had previously worked with at Morgan Grenfell. Egerton specialises in European equities and, unlike many hedge funds, focuses on undervalued companies rather than using complicated derivatives, an approach that according to the Telegraph in February 2001 'has consistently produced an impressive 30 per cent compound annual growth'. [5]


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