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*[[Policy Exchange]] - Trustee
*[[Policy Exchange]] - Trustee
*[[New Schools Network]] - Trustee
*[[New Schools Network]] - Trustee
*[[Public Interest Foundation (UK Charity)]] - Trustee
*[[Public Interest Foundation (UK Charity)|Public Interest Foundation]] - Trustee
[[Category:Think Tanker|Agnew, Theodore]]
[[Category:Think Tanker|Agnew, Theodore]]

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Theodore Thomas More Agnew (born 17 January 1961) is a British insurance executive who has donated substantial sums to the Conservative Party. He was appointed a Trustee of the right-wing think-tank Policy Exchange on 1 April 2006.

Donations to the Conservative Party

Received by Date accepted Donations
Conservative Party, Great Yarmouth 5 January 2007 £5,000
Conservative Party, Conservative Central Office 15 February 2008 £50,000
Conservative Party, Bristol North West 10 February 2009 £4,500
Conservative Party, Conservative Central Office 19 February 2009 £69,000
Conservative Party, Bristol North West 1 June 2009 £2,500
Conservative Party, Great Yarmouth 11 November 2009 £3,000

The table on the right shows Theodore Agnew's donations to the Conservative Party registered with the Electoral Commission as at 16 April 2010. [1] The donations listed amount to a total of £134,000 over less than two years.

Funding education reform

Agnew gave a personal donation (registered 4 December 2007) to David Willetts, then Conservative Shadow Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills and since May 2010 Minister for Universities and Science, "to assist with education research".[2]

Agnew also provided the funding for a Policy Exchange research project on education, published in October 2008. 'School Funding and Social Justice: A Guide to the Pupil Premium'.[3]



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