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Tetra Strategy is a lobbying firm based in London, set up in 2007 by James O'Keefe, a former Labour Party staffer and Bell Pottinger director, and Lee Petar, one of the founding directors of BICOM (Britain Israel Communications Centre). [1] Petar has since left to set up his own firm Aperture Communiciations.

The firm states it is:

based on a set of guiding principles; the importance of achieving order, even where chaos appears to be all around and that well thought-out strategies and careful organisation can resolve many problems which may seem at first insurmountable. [2]



According to PR Week, O'Keefe left Good Relations Political to found Tetra in the summer of 2007, and subsequently recruited four of his old colleagues in the following weeks. These included Petar, the most senior, Heidi Moore, Ruwan Kodi-Kara, and Katherine Nicholls. PR Week reported that the new agency had a 'strategic alliance' with Phil Hall Associates, a 14-strong PR firm run by ex-News of the World editor Phil Hall.[3]


In March 2015 co-founder Lee Petar announced he would be leaving Tetra to establish a new firm called Aperture Communications.

In a statement O'Keefe said:

'After eight successful years of growing Tetra Strategy together we are today announcing the dividing of the business.'
'The decision to separate into two companies has been planned for a number of months. We believe that both companies will go from strength to strength, and wish each other well in what is an exciting time for us all.'[4]

Nuclear lobbying

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Engineering firm AMEC decided to switch its account from Good Relations to Tetra, ahead of the Labour Party conference in September 2007. PR Week reported: "Tetra Strategy will lobby ministers and officials to ensure that AMEC's name is in the frame when major public infrastructure projects are discussed. It will also have to lobby on nuclear power as AMEC is a major player in the new build of nuclear power stations in the UK."[5]AMEC remains a client as of October 2013. [6]

AMEC is featured as one of Tetra's main client testimonials on its revamped website in 2013:

"An enthusiastic and committed team that has been a consistent element to AMEC’s business delivery for several years" and "Commitment to providing a first class service". [7]

Julie Kirkbride recruitment

Tetra recruited former Conservative MP Julie Kirkbride as a consultant when she stepped down at the 2010 election as a result of the parliamentary expenses scandal.[8]

Werritty affair

Petar introduced Adam Werritty, an associate of former Defence Secretary Liam Fox to the venture capitalist Harvey Boulter, prompting a controversial meeting between then Defence Secretary Liam Fox and Boulter in Dubai in June 2011.[9]

In a statement to the Guardian on the episode, Tetra stated:

Tetra Strategy was retained in 2010 to provide litigation PR assistance to the Porton Group in connection with its ongoing High Court claim in England against 3M. The case concerned the development of new MRSA testing technology developed by the MoD. Tetra introduced its client to Adam Werritty in March 2011, who was widely believed at the time to be an official adviser to Dr Liam Fox. The purpose of the introduction was to brief the MoD on the litigation. The suggestion by the Guardian that Tetra was paid to arrange a "secretive" meeting with Dr Fox is not true and is expressly denied. Tetra is referring this matter to the PCC."[10]

In the week that the Werritty story broke in October 2011, with law firm Mishcon De Reya handled press inquiries about the scandal for Tetra, the agency announced the appointment of former News of the World deputy political editor Jamie Lyons to oversee media relations.[11]


Tetra Strategy is a member of the Association of Professional Political Consultants (APPC). Listed on its website as affiliates and network partners are PHA Media, Longwood Associates and MAS Consulting España.


Former Staff

Staff registers

September 2014-November 2014

Charlotte Collins | David Cracknell | Major General Arthur Denaro CBE DL | Julie Kirkbride | David Krikler | Sir Richard Needham | Thomas Nemes | Catherine Nicholls | Matthew Ogg | John O’Brien | James O’Keefe | Andrew Pakes | Tatiana Pankova | Lee Petar | Benjamin Roback | Joel Roberts | Rachel Rouse[18]

May 2013

Major General Arthur Denaro | Ellie Gellard | Barry Hartness | Sir Peter Heap | Joel Kenrick | Matthew Ogg | Garreth Matthews | Thomas Nemes | John O'Brien | Rachel Rouse | Tatiana Pankova

February 2013

Major General Arthur Denaro | Ellie Gellard | Sir Peter Heap | Joel Kenrick | Matthew Ogg | Garreth Matthews | Thomas Nemes | John O'Brien | Rachel Rouse | Tatiana Pankova

September 2012-November 2012

Charlotte Collins | Ellie Gellard | Barry Hartness (intern) | Joel Kenrick | Julie Kirkbride | Samantha Lishak (intern) | Jamie Lyons | Garreth Matthews | Sir Richard Needham * (parliamentary pass holder) | Thomas Nemes | Catherine Nicholls | James O'Keefe | Matthew Ogg (intern) | Tatiana Pankova | Lee Petar | Rachel Rouse

Former staff


Register of consultant lobbyists

The register of consultant lobbyists documents those clients on behalf of whom Tetra has lobbied government ministers and the firm's listings since 2015 are as follows:

April - June 2016

BSW Timber | Lotteries Council | Metro Blind Sport | PRISM | Watly | Wood Panel Industries Federation [19]

January - March 2016

BSW Timber | General Mills | Lotteries Council | PRISM | Wood Panel Industries Federation [20]

October - December 2015

Amec Foster Wheeler | BSW Timber | Lotteries Council

July - September 2015

Amec Foster Wheeler | BSW Timber | Gazelle | Lotteries Council

April - June 2015

Amec Foster Wheeler | BSW Timber | Lotteries Council| W.L Gore & Associates

January - March 2015

Lotteries Council [21]

PRCA register

December 2015 - February 2016

AMEC Foster Wheeler | BSW Timber | Centre for Turkish Studies & Development | General Mills | Lotteries Council | PRISM | Toyota Motor Europe | W.L. Gore & Associates | Wood Panel Industries Federation [22]

APPC lobbying register

September 2014-November 2014

AkzoNobel | AMEC | British-Brazil All Party Parliamentary Group (pro-bono, no funders) | The Centre for Turkey Studies and Development | [[BSW Timber]] | CAP Consulting | Confor | General Mills | Hospedia | LACA | Lotteries Council | Mikhail Khodorkovsky | Peabody | Toyota Motor Europe | W.L Gore & Associates[18]

March 2013-May 2013

AkzoNobel | AMEC | Dalestone Energy | Gore | Hospedia | LACA | Lotteries Council | Meningitis UK | Mikhail Khodorkovsky | Sikh Council UK | Tamares Capital | Toyota Motor Europe | Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA)

September 2012-November 2012

AkzoNobel | AMEC | Dalestone Energy | Gore | Hospedia | Jordan Aviation | LACA | Mikhail Khodorkovsky | National Casino Industry Forum (NCiF) | Sargas AS Tamares Capital | Toyota Motor Europe | Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA)

September-November 2010

AMEC | Executive Office of the Government of Dubai | Hospedia | Mikhail Khordorkovsky | Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) | Elbit | Tamares Capital | Dwr Cymru Welsh Water | | SAP | Axeon | Toyota Motor Europe | Genting UK | Davis Block LLC | British School of Motoring | DRL[23]

March 2010-May 2010

AMEC | Executive Office of the Government of Dubai | Hospedia | Mikhail Khordorkovsky | Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) | Elbit | Tamares Capital | Dwr Cymru Welsh Water | London Brokerage Limited | SAP | Axeon | Toyota Motor Europe | Genting UK | Banks Developments | British School of Motoring | Redstone[24]

Pre-APPC clients

  • AMEC from September 2007.[25]
  • The Jewish Chronicle reported in June 2008 that Tetra had won a contract representing the Emirate of Dubai, and that the company "has advised pro-Israel charity KKL and the Innocent drinks brand".[26]

Contact, Resources, Notes


Address: 158 Buckingham Palace Road
London SW1W 9TR
Website: http://www.tetra-strategy.co.uk/



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