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Terrington Management is a niche 'government relations' lobbying consultancy which previously shared personnel and offices in Great Peter Street with First Defence, a right wing military think tank.

In September 2012 Terrington's chairman Geoffrey Pattie and director Caroline Flynn-MacLeod joined the Public Affairs Council's voluntary register as third-party lobbyists, yet failed to reveal their client list. [1]

Tri Polus

Tri Polus is Terrington's consultancy branch, specialising in market entry strategies, consultancy advice and defence offsets;, the company has a number of contracts with 'leading US corporations' to deliver offset projects. [2]



Registrar of consultant lobbyists

The register of consultant lobbyists documents those clients on behalf of whom Terrington has lobbied government ministers and the firm's 2015/2016 listings are as follows:

April - June 2016

Raytheon UK[4]

January - March 2015

UTC Aerospace [5]



45 Great Peter Street,
London, SW1P 3LT, UK
Website: http://www.terringtonmanagement.com Email: info@terringtonmanagement.com


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