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The Shalem Center is


Current activities


Research units and departments


Shalem Foundation Board

Yair Shamir, Chairman of the Board | Isaac Applbaum | Jed Arkin | Yoram Hazony | Howard Jonas | Leon Kass | Barry Klein | William Kristol | Ronald S. Lauder David Messer | Daniel Polisar | Allen Roth | Aliza Sharon | Jacob Z. Schuster[1]

Shalem Center Senior Management

Daniel Polisar, President | Yoram Hazony, Provost | Daniel Gordis, Senior Vice President | Jonathan Mensh, Vice President for Finance | Suzanne Balaban, Vice President for Communications | Elana Ben-Haim, Director of Strategic Development at Shalem | Shai Porath, Vice President for External Relations[2]

College Planning Team

Rhanan Har-Zahav, Legal Council for Shalem College[3]

Scholars and Faculty

Ran Baratz

Joshua Berman

David Gelernter

Daniel Gordis

Eric Gould

Ofir Haivry

Yossi Klein Halevi

Yoram Hazony

Yagil Henkin

Ido Hevroni

Pini Ifergan

Meirav Jones

Martin Kramer

Yosef Isaac Lifshitz

Ami Linder

Amichai Magen

Zeev Maghen

Julia Magnet

Eilat Mazar

Arie Morgenstern

Avi Nov

Daniel Polisar

Assaf Sagiv

Dan Schueftan

Yiftah Shalev

Joshua Weinstein

Michael Widlanski[4]

Ehud Ya’ari


In 1991 Hazony, Polisar and Weinstein obtained the initial funding of a few thousand dollars, from Barry Klein, to set up the Shalem Center Association.[5]In May 2005 the Las Vegas-based Adelson Family Foundation announced that the Shalem Center in Jerusalem was to receive a $4.5 million grant to enable creation of the Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies, which Sharansky heads and in which Ya'alon is a "distinguished fellow."[6][7]Klarman Family Foundation of Boston and George and Pamela Rohr of New York each made a commitment of $1 million in support of establishing a liberal arts college at the Shalem Center.[8]

Publications, Contact, Resources and Notes



Address:The Shalem Center
13 Yehoshua Bin-Nun Street
Telephone: (+972) 2-560-5500.



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