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This page contains a list of things you can do to help improve SpinProfiles, there are several different kinds of things to do:

   * SpinProfiles:Articles That Need Updating|Articles that need updating
   * SpinProfiles:Articles That Need Fixing|Articles that need fixing
   * SpinProfiles:Requested Articles|Requested articles
   * SpinProfiles:Stub Articles To Be Expanded|Stub articles to be expanded
   * SpinProfiles:Miscellaneous Tasks|Miscellaneous tasks 
   * SpinProfiles:Things You Can Do|Main "things you can do" page 

These are articles that readers and editors have requested on Spinprofiles. Feel free to add a request to the list or, better yet, create one and then take it off the list! If the article is under a section heading that has a link, that link goes to a portal where the to-do item is likely also listed under "things you can do." Help keep track of which articles have been created by removing it from that list, too.