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Minotaur Media Tracking was a right-wing media monitoring group which published a number of reports alleging political bias in the UK media, especially the BBC.


According to Companies House records, Minotaur Media Tracking Ltd was incorporated in July 1999. It does not appear to have operated out of an office since its registered addresses were both London accountants, first Sherman and Partners and then Gerald Edelman, both based in London’s West End.

The company was directed and co-owned by Kathy Gyngell and David Keighley, [1] the widow and close friend respectively of Thatcher’s favourite television executive the late Bruce Gyngell. [2]

The company’s accounts suggest it remained dormant throughout its period of operation. It filed an application to strike-off on 26 June 2006 and was dissolved on 21 November 2006. The company was superseded by Newswatch (officially Newswatch UK Ltd), which was incorporated on 6 September 2007 and co-owned and directed by David Keighley and a managing consultant called Barclay Thompson. [3]


Minotaur Media Tracking produced a number of reports for the Eurosceptic think-tank Global Britain and for the Centre for Policy Studies. The great majority of these reports alleged a bias in favour of EU integration in the UK media and several alleged a broader bias against right-wing politics.


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