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[[Category: Brexit|Cowdray, Michael]] [[Category: UK|Cowdray, Michael]][[Category:Brexit ‘leave’ donor]]
[[Category: Brexit|Cowdray, Michael]] [[Category: UK|Cowdray, Michael]][[Category:Brexit ‘leave’ donor|Cowdray, Michael]]]

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Michael Cowdray, Source: BBC News

Michael Orland Pearson is the 4th Viscount Cowdray of the Cowdray Estate. He is a British peer and independent film producer. [1]

He has given donations to UKIP and Vote Leave.


Recorded by the Electoral Commission:

Date Name of donor Amount Donated to
31/07/2008 Viscount Michael Cowdray £10,000.00 UKIP
11/06/2012 Viscount Michael Cowdray £10,000.00 UKIP
22/10/2012 Viscount Michael Cowdray £5,000.00 UKIP
11/03/2013 Viscount Michael Cowdray £10,000.00 UKIP
27/10/2015 Viscount Michael Cowdray £10,000.00 UKIP
06/04/2016 Viscount Michael Cowdray £10,000.00 Vote Leave


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