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James Woudhuysen is an academic associated with the libertarian anti-environmental LM network. As James Wood he wrote for the 'theoretical journal' of the Revolutionary Communist Group in 1975[1] (before the faction led by Frank Furedi was expelled from the RCG in late 1976), was on the editorial board of Revolutionary Communist Papers in 1980 and 1981 and was active in the Revolutionary Communist Tendency (1977-1981) and later the Revolutionary Communist Party (1981-1996) as well as writing for Living Marxism. He was appointed, under his own name, as a third director of Junius Publications the RCP publishing house in September of 1984 and gave his occupation as 'Lecturer' and an address in London N1. He declared also a further directorship of a firm called Wordsearch Limited.[2] He resigned from that post in 1990.
James Woudhuysen in 2011

He has written or spoken for the pro-growth Big Potatoes for which he co-authored their manifesto, the East Midlands Salon, the Brighton Salon, the New York Salon,[3], the Leeds Salon, Culture Wars, the Battle of Ideas, the Institute of Ideas, Novo Argumente, WORLDwrite, for whom he is also a tour guide trainer, [4] and Spiked [5], of which he is also a shareholder.[6]He is a director of building promoters, Audacity, has joined a Manifesto Club [7] campaign and is the fifth signatory of the statement of Academics for Academic Freedom.


Pamphlets and Books

Popular press, Magazines articles (including the next step and Living Marxism/LM) and web publications



  • James Wood, 'The belated rise of French 'Socialism', Prolonging the death agony: The rise, fall and reconstitution of social democracy, Revolutionary Communist Papers No.8., Revolutionary Communist Party, Sept 1981, p. 31.













Contact details

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Facebook: "James Woudhuysen"
Twitter: "jameswoudhuysen
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