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[[Category:Conservative Party|Leigh, Howard]]
[[Category:House of Lords|Leigh, Howard]]
[[Category:Revolving Door|Leigh, Howard]]
[[Category:Financial sector lobbying|Leigh, Howard]]
[[Category:Conservative Party Donors|Leigh, Howard]]

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Howard Leigh is a senior partner in Cavendish Corporate Finance[1], the former Treasurer of the UK Conservative Party[2] and a Conservative peer in the House of Lords, having joined on the 16 September 2013. [3]

Leader's Group

Leigh is chairman of The Leader's Group, a Tory fundraising vehicle whereby anyone donating £50,000 plus is automatically 'invited to join David Cameron and other senior figures from the Conservative Party at dinners, post-PMQ lunches, drinks receptions, election result events and important campaign launches'. [4]

Dinner at Chequers

See Chequers Dinner Guest List released March 2012



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