GPC International UK Staff and Clients 1.12.03 to 31.5.04

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GPC International

Address(es) in UK

GPC International 40 Long Acre London WC2E 9LG Tel: 020 7395 7171 Fax: 020 7395 7181

Contact: Kevin Bell

GPC SCOTLAND 3rd Floor, 14 Charlotte Square Edinburgh EH2 4DJ Tel: 0131 226 2102 Fax: 0131 225 9859 e-mail:

Contact: Sarah Chisnall


Offices outside UK

Germany, USA, Belgium, Canada

Staff (employed and freelance) providing consultancy services 1.12.03 to 31.5.04

London Edinburgh

Kevin Bell (MD) Bernard Harrison Dirk Van Eeden
Erica Boyer Jamie Holyer Scott Walker
Scott Colvin Laura Webster
Stephen Day Andrew Lappin Nick Williams
Emmanuella Dekonor Frances Luff Devin Scobie
Scott Dodsworth Chris Mockler Sarah Chisnall
Eddy Evans Richard Mollet Ian Price
Sheila Gunn Duncan Stephenson Rachael Robertson

Julie Harris

Claire Ashbridge-Thomlinson

Jenni Wilkie

Fee-Paying clients for whom consultancy services provided 1.12.03 - 31.5.04



Fee-Paying Clients for whom only UK monitoring services provided 1.12.03 - 31.5.04