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The DCI Rep (Knock) was an MI5 officer who represented the Director and Co-ordinator of Intelligence (Northern Ireland) (DCI) at the Headquarters of the Royal Ulster Constabulary.[1]

According to the report of the Rosemary Nelson Inquiry:

The role of the DCI Rep (Knock) included the processing of all national security warrants on behalf of the RUC, whether for telephone interception or to enable the Service to undertake technical operations on behalf of and in support of the RUC. Once processing was completed, the DCI sought authorisation from the Secretary of State.
The DCI Rep (Knock) was also responsible for scrutinising RUC requests for funding from the Northern Ireland Intelligence Account. More generally, he was the Security Service’s representative to the RUC. He liaised principally with the HSB, the Head of the Intelligence Management Group (IMG) and the Head of E9. He spoke regularly to the three Regional Heads of SB. His liaison role included facilitating contact between desk officers in London and E3.[2]


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