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Company Name

BP Plc bp.com

Subsidiaries BP Amoco

BP Exploration Operating Company Ltd

BP International

Market Capital £m 2000: : 2001: 121,204.5 (Source: FT UK 500 (2001)) Turnover £m 2000: 56,894.1 2001: 100,804.7 (Source: FT UK 500 (2001))

Organisations in which memberships held or funding given

Sourcewatch:Public Affairs Council Sourcewatch:Global Public Affairs Institute

Sourcewatch:The Conference Board

Sourcewatch:World Business Council For Sustainable Development

Sourcewatch:Business in the Community

Sourcewatch:Confederation of British Industry

Sourcewatch:The European Policy Centre

Sourcewatch:Business for Social Responsibility

Sourcewatch:CSR Europe

Sourcewatch:Corporate Council on Africa

Sourcewatch:Centre for European Reform

Sourcewatch:CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution

Sourcewatch:International Business Leaders Forum

Sourcewatch:Scottish Council Foundation

Sourcewatch:Industry and Parliament Trust

Sourcewatch:The International Chamber of Commerce

Sourcewatch:European Round Table of Industrialists

Sourcewatch:Forum for the Future

Sourcewatch:Center for American and International Law (formerly the Soourcewatch:SouthWestern Legal Foundation)

Sourcewatch:Science Media Centre

Sourcewatch:United States Council for International Business (USCIB)

Sourcewatch:The Royal Institute of International Affairs

Sourcewatch:Green Alliance

Lobbying and PR consultancies


BSMG Worldwide


Garnett Keeler PR

Grayling Mobil


Cerrell Assocs

FWJ Adv., Canada



Ogilivy PR

Citigate Comms

Edward Howard & Co

Nerland Agency