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The Wolfson Family Charitable Trust (WFCT) is a sister trust of the Wolfson Foundation with the same administration and similar aims.

The Trust was established in 1958 and currently has assets of some £35 million, allocating about £1.5 million each year.

The aims of the Trust are similar to those of the Wolfson Foundation: backing excellence through capital infrastructure projects, particularly in areas that are under-funded. Applicants are encouraged to use funds as a catalyst, so that the Trust's funding can lever additional support.

A large majority of the assets derive from the realisation of the Trust's historic involvement in Israel's Paz Oil Company and so the majority of the funds are allocated for programmes in Israel.[1]


Circa 2013-4

Circa 2005

Lord Wolfson of Marylebone | Martin Paisner | Lady Wolfson of Marylebone | Janet Wolfson de Botton | Laura Wolfson Townsley | Prof. Barrie Jay | Eric Ash | Bernard Rix | Ian Gainsford (Appointed 2 August 2004)[3]

Advisory Committee

The Wolfson Family Charitable Trust is advised on its work in Israel by an Advisory Committee in Israel, drawn from leading academic and medical experts. Current membership and contact information is detailed below.[4]

Wolfson Advisory Committee Israel

Contact details

Professor Haim Ben-Shahar - Chairman
Wolfson Advisory Committee
The Eitan Berglas School of Economics
Tel Aviv University
Tel-Aviv 69978
Email: wfct@post.tau.ac.il

Programmes in Israel

From the Wolfson Foundation website:

Funding for universities and hospitals
Our main funding programmes in Israel are currently focused on universities and hospitals.
Awards for these organisations are normally made under the umbrella of designated programmes in which relevant organisations are invited to participate. As such, we do not generally accept unsolicited applications in these areas.
Over the past few years, funding for universities has been for equipment supporting nationally co-ordinated programmes on important research themes including nanotechnology, desalination, quantum information and solar energy.
Funding for hospitals in Israel is mainly for medical equipment.
The Trust is advised by an Advisory Committee in Israel, chaired by Professor Haim Ben-Shahar, and drawn from leading academic and medical experts. A list of members is here.
The Advisory Committee co-ordinate our programmes for universities and hospitals, and invited applications are submitted via the Committee before being forwarded to our UK office for further consideration.
If invited to apply via these programmes, general advice on what information should be included is the same as for UK applicants to the Wolfson Foundation, as set out here.[5]


The Wolfson Foundation
8 Queen Anne Street
Tel: 020 7323 5730 (with voicemail message system)
Media/Press enquiries: 020 7323 3124 (voicemail not available)


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