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Will Greenacre is a former employee of the Science Media Centre. He now works as a Policy Officer at the Wellcome Trust.[1]


Greenacre graduated from the University of Leicester in 2005 with a degree in Biological Sciences. He later completed a Master's degree in Science, Culture and Communication at the University of Bath, where he also volunteered at the Press Office.[2]


Science Media Centre

Greenacre originally worked as a volunteer at the Science Media Centre in summer 2007. He started full time as Science Information Officer in September 2008. He was 'responsible for maintaining the database of scientific experts and preparing written briefings on news stories as they break'. He also managed the SMC volunteer programme.[2]

The Wellcome Trust

Greenacre joined the Wellcome Trust as a Policy Officer in 2012.[1]


Email: w.greenacre [AT] wellcome.ac.uk
Twitter: @will731


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