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Tessa Myer is associated with the libertarian and anti-environmental LM network. She wrote several articles for Living Marxism between Issue 16, February 1990 and Issue 51 in January 1993. The articles were on culture, media and on sexuality. Given the practice of the RCP of adopting party names where the first name was kept and the surname changed, often beginning with the same letter as the real name, it can be noted that only one other 'Tessa' ever wrote for Living Marxism. This is Tessa Mayes whose articles for the magazine started after the name 'Tessa Myer' disappeared with No. 59 - September 1993 and concluded with LM 128 in March 2000. She too wrote on media, culture and sexuality.[1] Beyond this circumstantial detail, it is not clear, however, if Tessa Myer and Tessa Mayes are in fact the same person.


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