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Hugh Wilford (2003)The CIA, the British Left, and the Cold War: Calling the Tune?,M1

The FO also employed a vast network of ostensibly private or independent institutions and bodies at home in order to disseminate its 'unattributable' anti-communist output to a domestic as well as an international audience. These fronts included the BBC, several mass-circulation daily newspapers and — most significantly from the point of view of this study — all three major sections of the british non-communist left, that is, the labour Party, leftist literary intellectuals and trade unions." (48)

Kennan's 1948 creation of the OPC

Sam Berger, Wm Gausmann & Joe Godson

CCF: "the founding of a national affiliate, the fostering of contacts with intellectuals i the labour party and the forging of links with british 1960 the CCF had succeeded in establishing a significant presence in british literary, political and academic circles which was quite separate from the success of the Congress' main venture, the magazine encounter (p194)

Hugh T-roper A J Ayer ccf

Richard J. Aldrich - role of CIA on European Union American Committee on United Europe (ACUE) - eur. Mov.

Economist funded (226)

also The US Government, Citizen Groups And the Cold War: The State-private Network

By Helen Laville, Hugh Wilford,M1

Now the joint editors of Encounter began to commission articles by selected people to direct a subtle form of psychological warfare against the views of the rank and file of the labour and trade union movement, which still supported CND, public ownership and was against entry into the Common Market, the forerunner of the EU.

Crozier's main contact cord meyer -disbursing CCF $