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In May 2007, Claire Harkins edited the footnote references from some type of name referent to the footnote reference to a number. Unfortunately, this was only done on the bottom section of the footnotes WITHOUT changing the top part. It seems that there was already a correspondence problem (missing or misplaced footnotes), and then the numbering confused matters even further. Someone has to investigate if the footnotes do indeed correspond to the reference sought. I suspect there is a minor mismatch, but at least one of the ffs seems to be off.

There should BE NO change in ff referencing from names --> numbers unless it is done in both sections of the article.


Thanks for pointing that out Paul,

I have treated the External resources as distinct from the references. My contribution was to number the footnotes, I left the external resources alone, in the belief that these were different from the references. Appologies for any confusion this has caused. If that is what you are refering to.

Claire Harkins