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Stuart Young (23 April 1934 - 29 August 1986) was a Chartered Accountant who was Chairman of the BBC from 1983 until his death in 1986.

Allegations of anti-Israel bias at the BBC

In 1984 The Economist reported:

Stuart has lived down the suspicions of Britain's pro-Arab lobby, worried, not by the appointment of a Jew to the BBC chairmanship but of one who, while a governor, had chaired the policy committee of the Institute of Jewish Affairs, at a time when that institute's major proccupation was the supposed anti-Israeli bias of the media, not least the BBC. [1]

Shortly before Young became Chairman of the BBC, The Economist had reported:

During the Lebanon war, the air was loud with complaints... about bias against Israel. Eager to combat it, the Institute of Jewish Affairs, British associate of the World Jewish Congress, will be holding a symposium on the subject next month, and it was a main topic at two meetings of the institute's 'policy planning group' late last year. Both meetings were chaired by Mr Young. [2]


David Young, brother


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