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  • ...otland, the UK, the European Union or globally).'<ref>[ SCDI website]</ref> ...and dinners to informal networking opportunities.<ref>[ SCDI website]</ref>
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  • The '''Business Council for Sustainable Development – UK''' is the UK affiliate of the [[World Business Council for Sustainable Development]]. It of the [[Business Council for Sustainable Development- UK]] ('''BCSD-UK'''). In fact the '''WBCSD''' is at the forefront of corporate attempts to u
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  • The UK's [ Food Standards Agency] (FSA) describes itself as 'an independent f ...09. As of May 2010 the chair was [[Jeff Rooker]],<ref>[ Board members], FSA website, acc 27 May 2010</re
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  • ...PR and lobbying services. It is owned by [[Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO]], the UK's largest advertising agency, which is, in turn, ultimately owned by the gl ...rd-fishburn John Harrington, 'Fleishmann-Hillard and Fishburn Hedges merge UK operations'], ''PRWeek'', [date needed] accessed 2 November 2015</ref>
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  • ...s Association''' (PRCA) is the peak trade body for PR consultancies in the UK. It produces an annual Yearbook, which contains listings of clients of all ...£400 million in each year in fees from clients." <ref></ref>
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  • ...aide to [[Peter Mandelson]] offering access to ministers and senior civil servants in return for cash. Of the British Government, Draper said: ...GPC (1998-2000), providing high level policy and political advice to major UK and international companies". {{ref|dickie}}
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  • ...on after added the climate sceptic-funding oil firm [[Exxon Mobil]] to its UK client list. ...k-public-affairs Burson-Marsteller hires Portcullis MD Stephen Day to head UK public affairs] ''PR Week'', 10 February 2014, accessed 15 January 2015 </r
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  • ...d groups which covertly influenced the political landscape of the post-war UK including the [[Economic League]], The [[Council on Foreign Relations]], [[ ...anley became the centrepiece of the infamous Lansky Tribunal hearings into civil service corruption during the winter of 1948. Not only did Stanley have man
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  • ...entists, the farmers, the agribusiness men, and, most important, the civil servants who drafted the legislation that gave grants to farmers to take out their h ...victims of Chernobyl in Ukraine."<ref>John Vidal, [,,1739226,00.html UN accused of ignoring 500,000 Chern
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  • umbrella organisation to promote self-regulation in the industry: the [[UK Public Affairs Council]], launched in July 2010. APPC has a Scottish bran ...avid Hencke, [ Tory MPs were paid to plant questions says Harrods chief], ''The Guardian''
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  • ...2012. In 2011, 70 per cent of AMEC's turnover was generated outside of the UK. Nuclear work was only eight per cent of its turnover. A similar percentage ...Section on Nuclear, accessed August 2012 </ref> It says it is "the largest UK private sector supplier of programme management and engineering services an
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  • It describes itself as follows on its [ website]: * IPT arranges attachment schemes for civil servants enabling them to see the parliamentary process at first hand in the company
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  • ...ortant as a result of the changes to the structure of the workforce in the UK and the demise of Industrial training and apprenticeships, . The League foc, and Paul Foot writing in the “Mirror”. This investigations led the UK Parliament’s Employment Select Committee to conduct a public inquiry into
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  • Is the Moderate group in the [[Civil and Public Servants Association]] (CPSA) supported by any forces outside the Union? The recent ...nionists]] was instrumental in ousting communists from what was then the [[Civil Service Clerical Association]].
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  • Bill Turnbull provides media training for corporations, civil servants and politicians with [[Media Mentor]] in addition to his main job at the BB Profile from Media Mentor [ website]:
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  • ...ise and Regulatory Reform from June 2007,<ref>BBC News [ "Profile: John Hutton"], ''Daily Mail'', Novem In October 2017 Hutton was appointed chair of [[Energy UK]], the energy industry's main lobbying group.
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  • ...ribes itself as an informal body whose aim is to “provide MEPs and civil servants with a platform for an open and objective discussion on nuclear energy”.< ...hain for new nuclear reactors" and Jean Llewellyn, Project Director of the UK's National Nuclear Skills Academy talked about about training and education
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  • ...residencies and courses for civil servants from the applicant states. ECPA Civil Society works with NGOs and others in the Third Sector." [http://www.public ...cts research programmes and training each year for PA practitioners, civil servants, and managers and staff of NGOs... ECPA faces issues such as the implicatio
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  • [[Image:Rickett.jpg|200px|right|thumb|Willy Rickett, civil servant]] Willy Ricket is a former top civil servant who held the positions of Director General, Energy, [[Department of
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  • ] ...vernment activity and Symons, the former leader of the union for top civil servants, the [[First Division Association]], is the Foreign Office Minister in the
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