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  • ...icial adviser to the European Parliament on counter-terrorism and security policy' since 2002. <ref>[[Media:Alpha Intelligence Management Screen Grab.JPG|Scr ...ere technically possible.' <ref>Anthony Glees, ‘Evidence-Based Policy or Policy-Based Evidence? Hutton and the Government's Use of Secret Intelligence’,
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  • ...tion and Periodic Review in the Water Industry, and a review of regulatory policy in the energy sector. ...iology of Freedom), Professor [[Steve Yearley]] (director, ESRC [[Genomics Policy and Research Forum]]), and [[David Perks]] (principal, [[East London Scienc
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  • ...f> He formerly worked at the [[Genetic Interest Group]] (GIG) London, as a policy officer, and was also on the staff of the online clinical genetics resource ...eir objectives through public and stakeholder engagement'.<ref>Development Policy and Practice [
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  • ...s organization in understanding the overall framework for American foreign policy, I do not want to overemphasize it, and we will see that there are other li ...Foreign Policy&#39; in James N. Rosenau, ed., Domestic Sources of Foreign Policy (New York: Free Press, 1967), p. 247.)
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  • 'Now New Labour bases health policy on old jokes'], ''Spiked'', 6 October 2006. ...]], [ 'Defend the privacy of bike-sexuals!'], ''Spiked'', 23 November 2007.
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  • ...t, an Economic Policy Unit, an Indigenous Issues Unit and an Environmental Policy Unit. ...disclosed policy of forced removal for adoption of Aboriginal children - a policy which lead them to be brought up totally removed from their families and co
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  • ...relationship', but it has been described as a Trojan horse for US foreign policy. Even its supporters joke that it's funded by the CIA. Should we be worried ...ccasional consultant for the [[European Commission]] on telecommunications policy, appointed as expert 1990; co-founder and director of [[Rhythm Radio]].<ref
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  • ...Federal Reserve Board, it was one of the most central and important of the policy groups. ...ndustrial Conference is one of the major institutions in the international policy discussion network that has been growing slowly since the 1950&#39;s.<ref>G
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  • ...uading Congress to build individual rights and free speech into technology policy. But EFF's board members became disillusioned when they realized the level Association]]," a group that EFF now fights over issues such as online privacy, Barlow said during a phone interview. With funding from Microsoft Corp. an
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  • ...hmar, he reacted angrily and said it was an unwarranted intrusion into his privacy: ...must at least raise questions of ministers making money out of government policy.
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  • ...a careful balance of advantage between public disclosure and the right to privacy ... Identifying interests is more important than quantifying them.'{{ref|[1 The 'privacy' argument is a smoke-screen. According to [[Paddy Ashdown]], leader of the
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  • ...ciation website, accessed 20 July 2009</ref><ref>Gordana Cumming, Consumer Policy, OFT, in an email to Teresa Evans, 4 February 2009</ref> meet robust and challenging OFT criteria.<ref>Gordana Cumming, Consumer Policy, OFT, in an email to Teresa Evans, 4 February 2009</ref>
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  • ...t/article/175-international-politics/2267-you-want-policy-in-cash You want policy? In cash?]', ''The Times'' (London), 20 December 2005, Page 19.</ref> Policy Resources], Retrieved from the Internet Archive 18 June 2005 on 26 April 20
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  • ...the Multinational Chairmen's Group. This discreet club takes pride in its privacy. Outside the small circle of its members, it is little known even within th ...ef executive. "I think this is important to them as part of their taxation policy. We see what happens now as good financial management within the rules. The
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  •, with a different package (Ariel) in the others. Unilever copied this policy. The company markets Surf in many countries and Omo in the remainder. The p embarrassing moments. Purchase products like Slim-Fast online, from the privacy of your home or office. When you shop online for diet aids, you'll never ha
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  • ...lobby EU legislators. Areas of interest will include open-source software, privacy, and helping small and medium-sized software companies get better access to
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  • ...ut exploitation and in acceptable working conditions'. They advertise this policy as being in line with 'the [[Ethical Trading Initiative]]’s (ETI) base co We can play a part, we are playing a part, with an ethical trading policy that's robust and demanding, but we cannot do the job of the government, th
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  • Many organic enthusiasts question whether the supermarkets' general policy of sourcing their organic products from large industrial-style farms, who a Tesco make it clear that their policy on genetically modified food is led by their consumers who 'continue to tel
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  • ...ralia and Adrian Friend, Interim European Director of Trust-e, an internet privacy licensing company. Interim european director of Trust-e, an internet privacy licensing company.
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  • ...uniquely placed to provide in-depth analysis and advice on the political, policy and legal implications of Brexit,' says DLA Piper. Hardy's job is Legal Dir ...t affairs advice to the firm’s clients with interests in Scottish public policy', particularly in the areas of 'infrastructure planning, housing, supermark
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