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  • ...tch">SourceWatch, [ Front Groups], SourceWatch website, accessed 20 March 2015</ref> ...spin are anything other than simple corporate [[Propaganda]]. These front groups are often very politically active; holding news conferences, publishing new
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  • ...also claims to be "the sole UK distributors" for "The Truth about Organic Food" - a book by [[Alex Avery]], a fierce critic of organic farming and a well to be highly limited amongst its customers in Wales, given the declared policy of the Welsh Assembly government of keeping Wales entirely GM-free. But Har
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  • ...> Pfizer is a member of one of the most important global corporate lobby groups, the International Chamber of Commerce. <ref>"[ ...roversial corporations, including some from the oil, tobacco, pharma, fast food, and GM industry. It worked too for repressive regimes, including Egypt, Ha
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  • ...ate spin techniques. This page links to a wide range of GM lobby and spin groups. ==Front groups, Lobby groups and think tanks==
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  • ...> It defends GM foods, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics and food additives. It attacks organic agriculture, media 'scares' and environmenta ...ducts as not having "a sound scientific basis". It has received funds from food processing and beverage corporations including Burger King, [[Coca-Cola]],
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  • ...s appointed in 2002. Previously he had worked for the Institute for Public Policy Research&#39;s (IPPR) Social Justice Commission Report (1994), which was im ...y draws from external expertise. Unlike the [[David Hume Institute]] and [[Policy Institute]], the SCF also cooperates with various organisations, including
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  • ...issues and priorities for the Board in accessing Black and Minority Ethnic groups into sustainable employment ...hool featured a modular curriculum including participative sessions on the policy context, partnership development, consultation and engagement with young pe
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  • ...lth Care, Agriculture, Polymers and Chemicals - which comprise 15 business groups worldwide.{{ref|49}} For an overview of the activities of the individual business groups and their key products, visit:
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  • ...says it "has grown into a $3,000,000 institution with a team of nearly 40 policy experts and other staff".<ref>"[ ...romoting discussion on this subject among stakeholders such as scientists, policy makers, activists and journalists. He recently served on the [[USDA]]'s [[A
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  • * [[Mark Maslyn]], Executive Director, Public Policy ...lobby groups]][[Category:GM]][[Category:GM Farm Lobby]][[Category:GM Lobby Groups]]
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  • '''Cato Institute''' is a ‘public policy research organization - think tank’ which was founded 1977 by [[Edward H. and Antitrust Violations of the Multistate Tobacco Settlement"], ''Cato Policy Analysis'', No. 371, May 18, 2000.(O'Brien is assistant general counsel to
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  • The '''American Enterprise Institute''' for Public Policy Research (AEI) was founded in 1943 and is located in Washington, DC. It is often called the Godfather of Washington neoconservative lobby groups and is America's richest, largest and most influential think tank. It was r
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  • ...r access. <ref>For more background on the oil industry and Iraq see Global Policy Forum, [ bullet holes. This newspaper was told he was left immobile and without food or water for more than 24 hours. The firm has denied the boy - arrested for
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  •, accessed March 25 2009</ref> founded CDFE in 1974 along with two gun groups: Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and the Second Ame ...k" where they talk about Rainforest Action Network's ties to other radical groups and "their anti-capitalist ideology, and their lawless and dangerous activi
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  • ...information on GM food on the internet to. CFFAR stands for the Center for Food & Agricultural Research and its website is not currently available, followi ...nisational structure, administrative location or personnel of this 'public policy and research coalition'
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  • ...prise and to promoting sound economic, scientific, and risk data in public policy decisions. '''Consumer Alert does work in the areas of biotech, trade, pest ...r Alert, the [[Competitive Enterprise Institute]], the [[Center for Global Food Issues]] - a project of the [[Hudson Institute]], and the [[American Counci
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  • agreements and regulations on biotechnology" and to "inform policy makers, regulators and the general public about the objectives and progress ...701855993 Health Risks of Genetically Modified Foods]. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 49, 2, pp 164-175</ref>
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  • ...sed by President George W. Bush, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge and Food and Drug Administration Commissioner [[Mark McClellan]]. [[Carl Feldbaum]] [[L. Val Giddings]] is BIO's Vice President, Food & Agriculture, with specific responsibility for GM crops.
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  • ...a number of Fortune 100 clients in the biotechnology, chemical, financial, food, consumer products and telecommunications industries.' The plastics indust ...source-poor citizens groups allied against corporate interests... business groups are employing the Web to influence public opinion and mount grass-roots-sty
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  • The [[British Nutrition Foundation]] (BNF) is the key food industry front group in the UK. The BNF promotes itself as a source of impa ...a. The Foundation is a charitable organisation which raises funds from the food industry, government and a variety of other sources.<ref>[
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