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Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC (Baker Donelson) is pleased to announce that Scott L. Campbell, an internationally recognized energy policy consultant and counter-terrorism advisor, has joined the Firm's Washington, D.C. office.
Mr. Campbell, who is joining the Firm as a Senior Public Policy Advisor, was formerly Founder and CEO of Washington Policy and Analysis and served as an energy policy consultant and advisor to U.S. and foreign government agencies, national laboratories and energy and technology companies. In addition to his significant energy policy experience, he has been instrumental in the development of counter-terrorism systems and terrorism study courses and has extensive experience in business, law, politics and government...
Under President Ronald Reagan, Mr. Campbell served as Director of the Office of Policy, Planning and Analysis at the Department of Energy and under President George H. W. Bush, he served on the National Petroleum Council, which advises the Secretary of Energy. As a member of the OCS Advisory Council, Mr. Campbell reported to the Secretary of the Interior on issues and policies regarding mineral exploration.
Mr. Campbell serves as President and a Member of the American Council on Global Nuclear Competitiveness, a non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting a nuclear revival. He is also the originator and principle organizer of the Santa Fe Energy Seminar, a series of U.S.-Japan workshops focusing on the nuclear energy future, advanced nuclear technologies and non-proliferation issues. For the past twenty years, he has served as a consultant and advisor to Japanese utility companies and to the Japanese government.
From 2001 to 2005, Mr. Campbell lead the development team for the Vigilance Vessel Profiling System (VVPS), a counter-terrorism system that profiles the global commercial fleet for terrorism risk. Today, the VVPS is utilized by NATO, UK marine police and several navies around the world. The U.S. Navy utilized the system for the Olympics in Greece and the U.S. Coast Guard utilized the system for the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in 2004. In 2005, Mr. Campbell established the first e-learning graduate program in terrorism studies, this program is offered to law enforcement and military officials worldwide through St. Andrews University in Scotland.
Prior to joining the government and founding Washington Policy & Analysis, Mr. Campbell was president of a Dallas-based oil and gas consulting firm, served as an executive vice president of a Texas independent oil and gas company, practiced law in Texas and served as a federal prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Justice. [1]



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