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Rajeev Misra is the head of strategic finance at Japanese telecommunications company Softbank group.

He is a UK Conservative Party donor and a former boss of the ex-banker and Conservative government minister Sajid Javid.


Misra has previously been senior managing director and head of European investments at Fortress Investment Group, group managing director at UBS and held various leadership roles at Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch.[1] Whilst at Deutsche he was the boss of the Conservative Party MP Sajid Javid.[2]

In October 2014 it was announced he was joining Softbank.[3]


Political donations

Recorded by the Electoral Commission:[4]

Date Name of donor Amount Donated to Subsidiary (parties only)
10/04/2010 Rajeev Misra £5,000.00 Conservative Party Bromsgrove
13/01/2014 Rajeev Misra £50,000.00 Conservative Party Central Party



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