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Progress Party Norway logo, Source: Stortinget

The Progress Party (Bokmål: Fremskrittspartiet or Bokmål: Framskrittspartiet, Nynorsk: Framstegspartiet, FrP) is a Norwegian political party which identifies as conservative liberal and classical liberal. The media and academics have described it as right-wing populist or conservative, with an anti-immigration stance.[1]

Led by Siv Jensen it is the second-largest party in the Norwegian Parliament, with 41 seats. In 2013 opinion polls showed that it was likely to come to power in Norway's September parliamentary election for the first time, as junior partner in a centre-right coalition. [1] The polls were correct: the party joined a coalition with the Norwegian Conservative Party in 2013, making up the current Solberg's Cabinet, with parliamentary support from two smaller centrist parties.


Extremist Anders Breivik was a member of the Progress party in his youth before he lost faith in it and in democracy, and adopted the radical anti-Muslim views that underpinned his attacks that resulted in the Utøya island massacre in 2011. [1]

According to writer Sindre Bangstad, American neoconservative writer Bruce Bawer, who lives in Norway, is a supporter of the party.[2]



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