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The New Heritage Foundation was established in December 2007 and donated £3,750 to the Centre for Social Cohesion in its first financial year. The Trust’s only other grant was £1,000 given to Alan Craig, the leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance party.[1]

The New Heritage Foundation’s charitable objects dedicate it to ‘the promotion of religious harmony for the benefit of the public’, but notably with a focus solely on the Christian and Jewish faiths. It was originally headed by the late Cyril Stein, the multi-millionaire founder of the gambling company Ladbrokes, and it is now run by his son Jonathan. Cyril Stein, who died in February 2011, was a hardline Zionist.

In 1991 when the then Chief Rabbi Lord Jakobovits described the plight of Palestinian refugees as a ‘stain on humanity’ Stein wrote to him saying: ‘The foolishness of your latest outburst is beyond comprehension’.[2] In the 1990s he provided thousands of pounds to an Israeli charity dedicated to building on occupied Palestinian land in East Jerusalem[3] and in 2005 withdrew his support from the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in protest over the withdrawal of Israeli settlements from Gaza.[4] In more recent years Stein funded an illegal Israeli settlement in the West Bank and was involved in efforts to promote Christian Zionism in the UK.[5]



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