Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud

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Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud was the Interior Minister of Saudi Arabia from 1975 until his death in June 2012, eight months after being appointed Crown Prince in October 2011.[1][2]

2011 Bahrain protests

The BBC's Bill Law reported in March 2011 that Prince Nayef was a key player in Saudi Arabia's intervention against a wave of protests in neighbouring Bahrain:

Two weeks ago, I was told by a source in Riyadh close to the interior minister Prince Nayef, that the ruling House of Saud simply would not allow the Khalifahs to fall.
The Saudi royals are increasingly worried that if the Khalifahs give in to the pro-democracy movement, a Shia-led government will come to power in Bahrain.
That would put further pressure on the House of Saud to ease discrimination against Shia in the country's oil-rich Eastern Province.[3]

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