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An excellent briefing on the old pre Pharmacia merger Monsanto compiled by ASeed Europe

Monsanto Monitor

For spoof Monsanto websites and subverts go to,,, Campaigning groups on GMOs

The Genetic Engineering Network (GEN) The Genetic Engineering Network is a network of people opposed to the imposition of GM technology. GEN includes local campaign and action groups NGOs, direct activists, and individuals campaigning against genetic engineering. It is the leading source of info on the UK GM-crop trials, with info on each individual trial and its current status.

Genewatch Policy research group, evaluating genetic technologies from the perspective of human and animal health and welfare together with environmental protection.

Totnes Genetics Group A resource for campaigning and taking non-violent direct action against GMOs

Friends of the Earth What's wrong with GE from health and environmental perspectives plus FAQs, news and press releases

Norfolk Genetic Information Network (NGIN) FAQs: intro on GM and a simple guide to genetic engineering

Greenpeace Bio Tech information and Campaign Highlights

GM info The Corporate Watch GM website. Interactive maps of where GMOs are being produced, handled or sold in the UK. Take Action against the biotech beast

Primal Seeds Primal Seeds exists as a network to actively engage in protecting biodiversity and creating local food security. It is a response to industrial biopiracy, control of the global seed supply and of our food. This evolving tool is designed to empower individuals to participate in the creation of tomorrow

DEFRA GMO public register

The official government list of which GM crops have been licensed for field trials and where they are being grown.

Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI) Excellent organisation working on conservation and sustainable improvement of agricultural biodiversity, and to the socially responsible development of technologies useful to rural societies.

Independant voice of concern about the 'Monsanto Company' and