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Michael Salter was the senior broadcast adviser to the Prime Minister David Cameron from May 2010 to 2015.[1]

Salter is currently the chairman of London LGBT and Community Pride.[2]


In addition to his role as broadcast adviser, Salter provides advice to the Conservatives on gay issues and was named the eighth most influential gay person in the UK in the Independent's Pink List 2010.[3]

Salter once requested that the media stop calling Conservatives "Tories".[3] In March 2010, he sent an email to broadcasters, as follows:

In the run-up to the election is there any way people could call us Conservatives rather than Tories? It will be Conservative candidates people are voting for and they will be Conservative policies rather than Tory. I know both terms will always be used but it would be nice if in reports people could remember to call us Conservative(s)![4]

Salter was paid an annual salary of £65,000 for his role as senior broadcast adviser. [5]


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