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Merchant is a subsidiary of Brunswick Group. According to its website Merchant is

a leading corporate design consultancy. We work with clients to develop creative ways of communicating their brand and investment proposition. Our principal areas of activity are annual reports, websites, corporate literature, corporate identity and advertising.[1]

Design Work reports:

There is a corner of the design industry which has the ear of some of the most covetable FTSE 100 companies, but it has such a low profile that it is largely ignored by the outside world. These groups are consistently well placed in business surveys, but are still poorly perceived.[2]

According to Managing Director Robert Moser 'The old adage that no-one reads the annual report is true if you simply regurgitate the preliminary statement,’ he points out. ‘If you want someone to read it, you have to deliver clarity about your operations. If you do that, any analyst worth his or her salt will read it. Annual reporting is a specialty, like hairdressing: there are billions of hairdressers but only a few really know how to cut hair.’[3]



Staff, December 2006

Previous names

Coready Limited name changed 01/11/1997 [4]

Parent company


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