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March for England masthead, Source: March for England screengrab

March for England is an English nationalist group which opposes threats which it identifies as including "Immigration, E.U, Terrorism, And so much more", and states:

It is time to remove that notion that flying the St George flag is racist or signs of hooliganism e.t.c. It is time to be counted. We aim to confront and protest and march against groups or government to show we the people in this democratic country that we have a voice and we will use it.[1]

The group is lead by Dave Smeeton.[2]


Finsbury Park Mosque

According to Searchlight Magazine, March for England and a related group, United British Alliance, were at one time involved in demonstrations at Finsbury Park Mosque:

After Abu Hamza was expelled from the building, he would preach hate to his followers in the street every Friday, until he was imprisoned in May 2004, and the UBA and MFE would turn up to jeer. These encounters were overwhelmingly non-violent, except when the National Front (NF) turned up and were driven away by the UBA and MFE.[3]

Luton disturbances

March for England returned to prominence after a small group of Muslim extremists demonstrated in Luton on 10 March 2009 against the homecoming parade of the Royal Anglian Regiment from Afghanistan.[4]

In May 2009, Luton Borough Council gave March for England permission to hold a demonstration in the town. However, the organisation reportedly pulled out, and the protest was instead organised by United People of Luton without official permission.[5]

Some 500 people took part in the demonstration on 24 May. Trouble broke out in which an Asian-owned business had its windows smashed and nine people were arrested. Although March for England had reportedly pulled out, some of its members took part in the protest.[6]

Smeeton said the event had been hijacked by masked protestors:

We marched because of an anti-war protest in the town earlier this year.
'It's fine if you oppose war in Iraq and Afghanistan, but protests should focus on Downing Street, not the soldiers.'[7]

The day after the march, police charged two people, bailed six others and gave another an £80 fixed penalty fine for a public order offence. Smeeton commented in the Daily Star:

"I'm disgusted. This was the action of a mindless minority.
"The rest of us held an entirely peaceful march which was praised by the police. But there was a group of rabble-rousers who left me feeling totally used and let-down.
"British troops abroad are going to look at that and think the rioting was for them - it's shameful."[8]

Al Quds Day Demo

In September 2009, March for England took part in a counter-protest at the Al Quds Day demonstration in Trafalgar Square, along with Stop the Islamisation of Europe and the English Defence League.[9]

Piccadilly counter-protest

March for England at Picaddilly Circus, 31 october 2009

Anjem Choudary's Islam4UK planned a demonstration at Piccadilly Circus in London, on 31 October 2009. This was cancelled shortly before it was due to take place, but March for England and the English Democrats nevertheless held a counter-demonstration.[10] Stephen Gash of Stop the Islamisation of Europe was also present.[11]



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