Mackinder Centre for Long Wave Events

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According to the London School of Economics website the Mackinder Centre for Long Wave Events is:

an interdisciplinary research centre. It has been established to promote new approaches to and improved methods for research on that class of geopolitical issues - long wave events - which pose some of the greatest challenges to the 21st century. These include socio-physical phenomena, such as the HIV/AIDS endemic or global climate change, and socio-cultural phenomena such as technological "lock-in" or cultural encapsulation in the face of modernity - of which unconditional terrorism is a product. [1]

Mackinder Team

Tony Barnett, Associate Director, Nancy Cartwright, Tim Dyson, Connor Gearty, John Gray, Christopher Greenwood, John Harris, Associate Director, Henrietta Moore, Gwyn Prins, Director, James Putzel, Leonard Smith

Mackinder Advisory Board

Philip Allott, Alan Brinkly, Edward Mortimer, General Sir Rupert Smith


  1. LSE Mackinder Centre for the Study of Long Wave Events, accessed 14 February 2008