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The page lists English Defence League protests and attempted protests. For protests in Scotland see the Scottish Defence League page.


Date Location Attendance Description of event
8 August 2009 Birmingham Unknown Counter protest by, and clashes with, Unite Against Fascism (UAF) supporters.[1][2]
5 September 2009 Birmingham Unknown Clashes with socialist protestors,[3] West Midlands police state the EDL "...had no intent to protest".[4] 45 arrested were from the EDL a similar number were arrested belonged to groups opposing them.[5]
13 September 2009 London Unknown Counter demonstration to pro-Palestinian rally.[6]
10 October 2009 Manchester 700[7] Counter-protest by 1,400 UAF supporters.[8] Riot police on hand to separate sides.[9]BBC NEWS: Protest police cost was £200,000</ref>
31 October 2009 Leeds 900[10][11] Counter-protested by 1,500 UAF. Leeds council and West Yorkshire Police thanked the public and participants "for their patience and consideration".[12][13][14] The protest was controversial as a tree which had been erected in City Square with the intention to decorate it as a Christmas tree at a later date had to be taken down to accommodate the protest.
5 December 2009 Nottingham 500[15] Demonstration following Mercian Regiment homecoming parade, clashes with Asian students and UAF.[16]
23 January 2010 Stoke-on-Trent 1,500[17] EDL break through police lines. Police officers were injured and police vehicles damaged.[17] All arrests were linked to the EDL demonstration.[18][19] Approximately 300 supporters of Unite Against Fascism held a counter demonstration.[20]
5 March 2010 London 300[21] Rally in support of Geert Wilders' visit to the House of Lords. 100 UAF counter-demonstrators.[22]
20 March 2010 Bolton 2,000[23] Counter-protested by 1,500 UAF.[23][24] 9 arrested from EDL and around 55 from UAF.[23][25][26]
3 April 2010 Dudley 2,000[27] Several EDL supporters knocked down fencing and escaped the police cordon.[27][28][29] There were 1500 UAF counter-demonstrators.[30]
1 May 2010 Aylesbury 800 Protest against militant Islam. Eight of the arrests were on suspicion of carrying an offensive weapon.[31][32] About 75 UAF counter-demonstrators gathered in the town, but later left.[33]
29 May 2010 Newcastle 1,500-2,000[34] UAF hold counter demonstration of around 1,000. No arrests at either demonstration despite minor scuffles.[34]
17 July 2010 Dudley 500 [35][36] The UAF attendance of 350.[37]
28 August 2010 Bradford 300[38]–700[39] 1,300 police officers were involved in policing the protest.[40] Various missiles were thrown by EDL supporters during the protest.[41][39][42][43] Approximately 300 UAF supporters attended the counter-demonstration.[44]
11 September 2010 Oldham 120[45] EDL converged on Oldham around mid-day after telephoning police in advance at 8.45am[46] and laid a wreath at the war memorial.[45][46]
9 October 2010 Leicester 1000[47] After the Home secretary accepted Leicester City Council's application for a ban on all marches in the city on this date[48] the EDL held a static demonstration numbering 1,000,[47] while Unite Against Fascism (UAF) staged a counter-protest numbering 700.[47] One police officer was taken to hospital with a leg injury and two protesters were treated by paramedics for minor injuries.[49]
25 October 2010 London Unknown The EDL held a protest opposing "Islamification" of the United Kingdom and showing support for Israel outside the Israeli embassy. It was attended by Rabbi Nachum Shifren.[50]
27 November 2010 Preston, Lancashire 1000+ There was a counter demonstration attended by 150 supporters of UAF.[51]
27 November 2010 Nuneaton 500 [52] There was a counter demonstration by 150 local anti-fascists. Both sides threw missiles and fire works.[53]
11 December 2010 Peterborough 500[54] The protest was policed by roughly 1000 officers from 18 forces. A counter-protest by the Peterborough Trades Union Council took place in another location in the city and was attended by approximately 80 people. Police kept the two protests apart.[54]
5 February 2011 Luton 1500–3000[55][56][57] The EDL was joined by new "defence leagues" from Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands, as well as other more established groups from France, Germany and Denmark.[56][58] A counter-protest took place in another location in the city and was attended by approximately 1000 UAF supporters.[55] The protests were policed by officers from 14 forces.[55]
5 March 2011 Rochdale 500 Around 500 EDL protesters congregated at Rochdale town centre's war memorial. A counter-protest was held by Unite Against Fascism, with the two groups being kept 100 feet apart by police. 31 people were arrested.[59]
2 April 2011 Blackburn 2000[60]
28 May 2011 Blackpool 1500[61] No arrests
11 June 2011 Dewsbury, West Yorkshire 400[62]-600[63] Six people arrested[64]
9 July 2011 Cambridge 300[65] 1000 attended a counter-demonstration.[65] There were seven arrests in total.[66]
16 July 2011 Portsmouth 500 [67] The EDL marched through the city while 200 people attended a counter-demonstration by the UAF in Guildhall Square.[68] The two sides never came into direct contact as the EDL were not let into the square, but there were a few incidents where several EDL members tried to disrupt the counter-demonstration. 400 police officers were deployed - some mounted - and seven arrests were made (all of which being on EDL supporters).[69]
9 August 2011 Enfield 500[70] EDL vigilantes marched through Enfield during the 2011 England riots
13 August 2011 Telford, Shropshire 300-350[71] Static protest after march banned. Two people arrested en route, and three in various parts of Wellington.[72]


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