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Global warming.jpg This article is part of the Climate project of Spinwatch.

Leo Birnbaum is an executive board member of RWE AG- responsible for Group Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions, Research & Development and Business Development. He is also a partner of McKinsey and Company - an elite management consultancy who have given pro-bono advise to pro-Israel group Israel on Campus Coalition (ICC) [1]. Leo is a specialist on carbon trading and co-authored a number of McKinsey's documents on the costs and benefits of greenhouse gas abatement. The Sept 2005 European Commission Environment magazine quotes his enthusiasm for lowest-cost options:

For Leo Birnbaum of McKinsey, the group carrying out the EU ETS review, the psychological effect of the EU’s trading scheme is important. “Emissions trading represents the cheapest way to reduce emissions and it is now factoring into the short-term and long-term thinking of European companies,” he said. “This is having a real effect on both the natural and business environments.” [2]






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