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Dr Lee Rowland is the Director and Senior Academic Fellow [1] of the Behavioural Dynamics Institute, which claims to be "an academic institute that specialises in understanding influence and persuasion in order to change audiences’ attitudes and behaviour" [2] and is linked to Strategic Communication Laboratories and SCL Elections. He has an academic background in Psychology, with a PhD and MSc from University College London (UCL). He has done post doctoral work at Southampton University and taught at UCL, the Open University, Birkbeck College and the University of Oxford (where he co-directed the MSc in Psychological Research in the Department of Experimental Psychology) [3].

On his blog he writes that he is "an expert practitioner in strategic communication and behavioural change analysis" and that in 2009 "he delivered the first ever course of its kind to the public affairs branch of one of the world's most advanced military organisations" [4], although he does not reveal the nature or country of delivery of the course. The blog mentions a partnership with his brother, Steven Rowland (a freelance journalist), and claims that they "have worked with the military and governments across four continents" [5]. This seems to refer to experience with the Behavioural Dynamics Insitute and Strategic Communication Laboratories group, further revealed by Steven Rowland in references in an interview - "earlier [in 2009] I spent some time in the Carribean writing speeches for politicians" [6] - and in his blog, where he confirms being a "political speech writer in St Kitts" [7] and alludes to writing for the Singaporean Ministry of Defence [8]. SCL Elections (a Behavioural Dynamics Institute affiliate) claim they managed "successfully managed the entire election campaign" for the January 2010 elections in St Kitts and Nevis [9] and there are a number of links between the BDi/SCL group and Singapore.

Lee Rowland has also been involved in recruitment for Behavioural Dynamics Insitute, posting an advertisment on the Social Psychology Network e-mail list for a "Social Scientist/Psychologist for research/lecturing post in London with travel". He states that "the ideal candidate would be a highly competent lecturer/seminar teacher, [who has] published research that employs qualitative analysis or questionnaire data" whos work would involve "an all-expenses paid teaching trip to Singapore for the first two weeks". He also mentions that BDi have upcoming projects in the USA, Lithuania, and the Caribbean. [10].



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