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Jonathan Webb is a former Press Officer at the Science Media Centre.

Jonathan Webb's LinkedIn profile.



Webb has a BA in German and Linguistics and a BSc in Molecular Biology from the University of Adelaide. In 2007 he completed an MSc in History of Science, Medicine and Technology followed by an MSc in Neuroscience in 2008, both at University of Oxford. Still at Oxford, he has since been studying for a PhD in neuroscience.[1] Webb runs the science blog and podcast 'Nerd Alert' from Oxford.[2]


Science Media Centre

Webb joined the Science Media Centre in February 2011 to replace existing Press Officer Edward Sykes during Sykes' one-year sabbatical in Australia.[2]

Jonathan Webb's presentation 'The role of the Science Media Centre' for the Society for General Microbiology in 2011.


In 2014 Webb will join the BBC science news desk on an Ivan Noble Bursary.[3]



Webb has competed in the FameLab science communication competition.[4]


Email: jonathan.webb [AT]
Twitter: @jjbw



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