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John Vyse is an Executive Director for Interserve Plc.

Vyse joined Interserve (then Tilbury Douglas plc) in 1993 as Chairman of the division responsible for all UK regional construction and major civil engineering work. In 1996 he was appointed Managing Director for the whole of Tilbury Douglas Construction, with a turnover of over £300 million in major projects, regional building and civil engineering. A year later he also became Chairman of both Westpile and Whittle Contracts, two subsidiary companies of Tilbury Douglas plc. He began his career as a civil engineer and manager, working on a variety of projects from the Thames tidal flood defences to the widening of the M1 motorway. In 1983 he joined Laing Civil Engineering as a contracts manager and by 1987 had been appointed General Manager. John became a director of John Laing Construction and Managing Director of Laing Civil Engineering in 1988, responsible for a business turning over £190 million and working on complex projects such as Sizewell B Power Station, the Pen-y-Clip tunnel, the M5 widening and the second Severn Crossing. Born in April 1948 in the Middle East but was brought up and educated in Kent.

He holds a B.Eng from Liverpool University and is a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers, a Fellow of the Institute of Highways and Transportation and a Fellow of the British Institute of Management [1].


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