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Johannes Lehmann is associate professor of soil fertility management and soil biogeochemistry at Cornell University. He is a prominent proponent of biochar.


This is Lehmann's biography from the Cornell University website:

Ph.D. 1997 University of Bayreuth, Germany
Diplom Geoecologist 1993 University of Bayreuth
Johannes Lehmann, an associate professor of soil fertility management and soil biogeochemistry, joined the faculty in 2001. Prior to his appointment at Cornell University, he coordinated an interdisciplinary research project on nutrient and carbon management in the central Amazon for the Federal Research Institution of Forestry, and the University of Bayreuth, Germany. His work experience includes applied and basic research in Sudan, Togo, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador. Professor Lehmann's publications range from dryland research and nutrient cycling in irrigation systems to the rehabilitation of highly weathered soils in the humid tropics, from research on phosphorus dynamics in heavily manured soils to basic principles of carbon cycling in soils.[1]


Chairman of the Board, International Biochar Initiative, NY, USA



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