Jean Marie Beaupuy

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Jean Marie Beaupuy

Jean Marie Beaupuy (born 28 November 1943, La Chapelle/Loire) served as an MEP for France from the political party Democratic Movement for the 6th term (20.07.2004 - 13.07.2009).[1]


Record and Controversies

Declaration of Financial Interests

  • Nothing to declare.[2]

Record of Parliamentary Votes

Personal Information

Curriculum Vitae

  • Graduate of the Angers École supérieure for Commercial Studies.
  • Founder director of Stratégie Formation (Training Strategy) 1975.
  • Member of the UDF political bureau.
  • Member of the Marne Departmental Council (1979-2004).
  • Vice-Chairman of the Marne Regional Council with responsibility for social affairs (1992-1998).
  • Member of Reims Municipal Council since 1983 (Deputy Mayor: 1983-1995, and 2001-2008).
  • First Vice-Chairman of the Reims region town planning agency.
  • Chairman of the Marne psychiatric hospital (1998-2004).
  • Chairman of cultural associations.
  • Chairman of the European Parliament's Urban Housing Intergroup (since 2005).
  • Knight of the Order of Merit.


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