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Photo of Jamie Dettmer from his LinkedIn page.[1] Screengrab taken 22 July 2014.

Jamie Dettmer is a journalist who specialises in politics, international affairs and political economy, crime and security. On his personal blog he states he is a 'British citizen by birth — a US citizen by choice — and an Italian resident'.[2] He is a graduate of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University.[3]


Dettmer has worked for the Times of London, the Sunday Telegraph, The Hill, Business AM, and the Washington Times and was a foreign affairs columnist for the Scotsman Group and the Irish Sunday Tribune. He has also worked as a special media advisor to the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization.[4] He is a former Director of Communications and Advocacy at the International Foundation for Electoral Systems and the Cato Institute. He is also on the Advisory Council of the Democracy Institute[5] and is a regular contributor to the Daily Beast and Voice of America.

Dettmer was listed as a panelist at the 2012 Global Tobacco Networking Forum which was held in Antwerp, Belgium.[6]


Dettmer is a regular contributor to both the Daily Beast and Voice of America:




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