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JPR is a Belfast based PR and lobbying firm. It was formerly known as John Laird PR and is described as Northern Ireland's longest-running public relations company.[1]


Media relations, Consumer PR, Crisis communications control and management, and Public affairs. On public affairs it says:

We have provided and implemented lobby programmes for various clients who need to pass on complex messages to politicians, regulators, commissions and other communities. Even when the client felt their position was impossible because of the complexities of the issues they faced, JPR has implemented communications campaigns which delivered. How do you explain to hostile politicians why utilities bills are so high? How do you win round groups who were previously opposed your position or plans? How do you win hearts and minds of a wider public in the face of prejudice and jaundiced views? JPR solves these problems with a lot of leg work, strong diplomacy and sensitive dialogue.
  • JPR builds and implements successful lobby campaigns
  • Our team is well known by all the political parties and business groups
  • JPR has run long term campaigns or short hits through presentations at Westminster, off site and abroad.


  • Lord John Laird, Crossbench Peer (1999-). Laird moved into PR in 1973 and become Chair of John Laird Public Relations in 1976. He was appointed visiting professor of public relations, University of Ulster 1993.[2]



JPR has handled many high profile issues, including the merger of Allied Irish Bank and Trustee Savings Bank, the purchase of the Belfast Telegraph by the Independent News & Media group and the re-establishment of the Harland & Wolff brand in export markets.[13]

The agency has also been involved in some of Northern Ireland’s biggest business transactions. It represented Eastwood Bookmakers’ £135m acquisition by Ladbrokes and it also worked for the Jennings family when it sold the Cromwell Hospital to BUPA earlier this year.[14]

Work outside NI

The agency isn’t only committed to Northern Ireland-based work, and represents companies across the UK. It supported a £90m Kendal development project in Cumbria in 2008 and has in the same year landed two new projects for a Europe-wide launch of a motor product and a US energy-from-waste power company.[15]


Sylvan House 232-240 Belmont Road Belfast BT4 2AW Website:


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