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The Integrated Marketing Communications Council is one of the 5 councils of the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) and focuses on integrated marketing communications. According to the EACA website:

Its mission is to represent the integrated marketing communications agencies and agency associations in Europe. It acts as a central source of information for the industry and assists in the development of the reputation and professionalism of the industry across Europe by focusing on three key areas: best practice, lobbying and recognition by way of a reputable Awards competition, ‘The IMC European Awards’.[1]

Integrated Marketing Communications aims to bring together all aspects of marketing. Areas such as advertising, sales, PR and direct marketing are combined to achieve a single goal for a company or individual. Integrated Marketing communications also aims to promote a single 'look' or image for a marketing campaign.

The Integrated Marketing Communications Council within the EACE has contributed to globalisation through integrating marketing aspects such as PR and advertising together to create a global image for a company. This image is easily portrayed through the internet which has made businesses globally accessible. Large companies within member countries are represented and branded using integrated marketing communications.

Brand image is extremely important now and is recognised across the globe. According to Hristo Ivanov Katrandjiev in his paper, "Some aspects of measuring integrated marketing communications (IMC)":

In contrast to business in the past, today's marketplace puts a much higher value on intangible assets. Companies such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and McDonald's have capitalized market values that correspond with their intangible capital, rather than hard goods produced or manufactured. The significance of brand equity is rising because a high level of brand equity means a high level of loyal customers. That's why the value of the brand name is a key factor for marketing success.[2]


The EACA is a member of ACT Responsible, an organisation that claims to "promote and inspire good practice in advertising and communication, in support of social responsibility and sustainable development." [3]

ACT Responsible is a non-profit initiative and is "100% self-funded and is reliant on friends, partners, sponsors and donors to finance its programmes."[4]


Members as listed on the EACA website of June 2007 are:[5]

The Integrated Marketing Communications Council forms part of the European Association of Communication Agencies.


IMCC Board

These are the members of the IMCC board and their role as of February 2008:[6]

  • Kees-Jan Rozestraten (President) De Combinatie van Factoren/VEA/Netherlands
  • Pascal Allard (Vice President) Compagnie 360 Euro Rscg/AACC/France
  • Andrea Feichtinger-Tassul AFT Plus Promotion Sales GmbH/AFSP/Austria
  • Stephan Smets N’Lil/ACC Expert Group Brand ctivation/Belgium. Stephan Smets is a member of ACC (Association of Communication Companies) which helps large multinational companies from Belgium to promote their brand image. This organisation opposes tighter regulation for the advertising industry. It states: "Legislation on commercial communication is becoming more and more severe: advertising for tobacco is forbidden, advertising for alcohol, cars, health products, etc. are restricted, advertising towards children is under discussion. In this context, the ACC defends the view-points and the interests of the communication sector towards the government, the press and the consumer organizations". [7]
  • Peter Draeger FREY.G2/POSMA/Germany
  • Christos Damalas MSPS/HACA/Greece
  • Padraig Smith Marketing Network/APMC/Ireland
  • Marco Gualdi Inventa/AssoComunicazione/Italy tbc AEMP/Spain
  • Fiona Moore Blue-Chip Marketing/Institute of Sales Promotion/UK


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