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Ian Dalton is the president of global government and health at BT Global Services.


Dalton was appointed chief executive of North Cheshire Hospitals NHS Trust in 2003, North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Trust in 2005, NHS North East in 2007, NHS North England in 2011 and finally deputy-CEO then CEO of NHS England in 2012. [1] At the time the Health Service Journal said, "Ian Dalton is now at the heart of the NHS reform programme and someone to watch... Dalton’s agenda should include whether now is the time to have a proper failure regime for the NHS. Making progress on this will be a significant test. His work should put him in a strong position to be chief executive of the new economic regulator if that’s where he sees his future. If so, then his outputs in the next year will be as important to him as to the NHS."[2]

From 2009 to 2010, during the swine flu pandemic, he was appointed national director of NHS flue resilience in the UK Department of Health and then managing director of provider development.[3]

In 2013 Dalton left the NHS to join BT Global Services as the president of global health. At the time Dalton said: 'I am excited by my new role with BT, which will allow me to utilise my experience to work with health systems across the world. However, it has been a huge privilege to have contributed to the NHS in so many key roles over the years and to have worked with so many caring and dedicated NHS staff.'[4]

In April 2014 he was appointed president of global government and health, where he is 'in charge of BT's business with customers across the UK's public sector'.[1]

In 2011 Dalton was ranked by the Health Service Journal as the twentieth most powerful person in healthcare.[5]


In 2011 the UK government refused to disclose correspondence requested under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 between Dalton and Tribal Group, an outsourcing firm with £150m worth of government contracts. However, disclosed emails show that in October 2010, Tribal had written to Dame Barbara Hakin, national managing director for commissioning development, about the level of staff to be provided by the private sector to GP consortia.[6]



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