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Elizabeth Whelan is co-founder and president of the industry front group, the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH). She defends petrochemical companies, the nutritional value of fast foods, and the safety of saccharin, pesticides and growth hormones for dairy cows. She claims that the US government spends far too much on unproven health risks such as dioxin and pesticides because of the public’s “unfounded fears of man-made chemicals and their perception of these chemicals as carcinogens”.[1]

Whelan says: "I've been called a paid liar for industry so many times I've lost count."[2]


According to the ACSH website: "Whelan is the author or co-author of twenty-three books on nutrition, smoking, and environmental issues. She has authored or co-authored over 300 articles for popular and professional publications."[3] Her books include:

  • Elizabeth M. Whelan and Frederick J. Stare, Fad-Free Nutrition: An Authoritative Guide to Eating Right from the American Council on Science and Health, Hunter House Publishers, Alameda, CA, 1999.
  • Elizabeth M. Whelan, Toxic Terror: The Truth Behind the Cancer Scares, Prometheus Books; 1993.
  • Elizabeth M. Whelan, Frederick J. Stare and Stephen Barrett, Panic in the Pantry: Facts & Fallacies About the Food You Buy, Prometheus Books, 1992.
  • Elizabeth M. Whelan, The one-hundred-percent natural, purely organic, cholesterol-free, megavitamin, low-carbohydrate nutrition hoax, Atheneum, 1983.




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