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Chris Woodcock was head of corporate affairs and then community and public affairs director for Kellogg's, but has now retired from his ‘day job’.


In 2000 Kellogg's funded and publicised a study by the New Policy Institute on Breakfast clubs in schools.[1]

A new educational resource, the `Breakfast Clubs: A How to...Guide', written by the New Policy Institute (NPI) (1) and supported by Kellogg's, is now available to schools and other organisations free of charge on .
The `How to...Guide' has been written following extensive research by NPI into the current provision of out-of-school clubs in the UK (2). The Guide includes information on the essential pre-requisites of a successful breakfast club, guidance on how to seek funding from public sources, an overview of other resources that are available and ways to maximise nutritional benefits and learning opportunities within a club.
Provision of school breakfast clubs is in line with Government policy for out-of-school-hours learning activities, which improve educational standards and increase childcare opportunities for working parents. The `How to... Guide' features a foreword by Jacqui Smith, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for School Standards, who provides her support for the breakfast clubs programme.
Co-author of the `How to...Guide', Cathy Street says: "Our research shows that there has been a seven-fold increase in the number of out-of-school hours clubs being established, and breakfast clubs are a core part of this(3). However, the majority of schools questioned said the main difficulty in setting up a successful breakfast club is a lack of available information, support and guidance on long-term planning, financing and staffing in order to keep going. The Guide has been written in response to this need."
Commenting on the guide, Kellogg's head of community and public affairs Chris Woodcock explains: "Research has shown that a successful breakfast club can reduce truancy and improve concentration levels, as well as providing children with the best possible start to the day. We hope the `How to... Guide' will make breakfast clubs a reality for more schools and help children make the most out of their school day."
To complement the `How to...Guide', Kellogg's has sponsored the Breakfast Club Awards Scheme in association with Education Extra. Over the next three years, Kellogg's is investing £55,000 each year in a series of Breakfast Club Awards, ranging from 30 £500 `Start Up' Awards to 20 £1,000 `Expansion Awards' and eight £2,500 `Excellence Awards'. Anyone can visit the web site to print extra copies of the Breakfast Club Awards application form, which has been sent to the head teacher of every maintained school in the UK.


Voluntary roles:

Chris also undertakes occasional paid consultancy work, utilising his experience and skills gained in the fields of community and public affairs. Chris is a resident of Glossop, in the High Peak. (Source)


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