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Bobby Millar is a support worker from St. Ninians in Stirling[1]. Miller is a member and organiser of the Scottish Defence League[2]. He is an administrator and key contributor to the Scottish Defence League's Facebook group and his e-mail address is listed as the only contact on one of the SDL's websites[3]. Note that as at 15 March 2010 this website was defunct.

Bobby Millar who runs the SDL Facebook group and the (defunct as of 15 March 2010) Moonfruit website is a member of Facebook groups entitled “Stop calling me racist because I don’t like Islam”, “The government show Islam the door or we will end up in civil war”, “No more Immigrants, F*** off elsewhere England is full”, “BNP”, “BNP is the only way forward”, “we are all fed up with your DAMN ISLAM, leave us alone”, “Knight Nick Griffin”, “I Hate Police”, “For the BNP”, and “British and Proud, Stop Immigration”. He is also listed as a fan of the BNP’s Nick Griffin, Andrew Brons and Richard Barnbrook[4].

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Scottish Defence League


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